Melissa has provided my family with practical and effective nutrition and feeding advice for many years now from infancy through the childhood years. Through many challenging stages, her expertise has empowered us as parents and eliminated mealtime battles and I now have two great eaters that enjoy all the variety of foods that we as parents enjoy and have a healthy ability to regulate themselves at mealtimes as well as with treats! Thank you for all you have done!

Thank you!

“I have always had a tremendous interest in nutrition in life and as an athlete. I went from carb loading to no carbs with a pit stop in the juicing department! Then I had kids and wanted them to have the best. After watching a documentary on the effects of certain foods on your body I literally panicked and didn’t know how to feed my kids anymore! Over a latte, Melissa put all the pieces of the puzzle together for me. She gave me great ideas while showing me exactly what my children needed in order to be healthy. She showed me how easy it is to come up with new ideas and make it fun for the kids. Now we are healthier than ever and I have seen a difference in my kid’s energy levels!” Isabelle

You saved our family!