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All children and adolescents need to eat healthy balanced meals.  But does that balance change for young athletes? Proper nutrition is key for young athletes to grow properly and perform at their peak in their sport.  They need to know what, when, and how to eat and drink before, during and after activity. Not only does sports nutrition improve athletic performance, but it also decreases fatigue and helps prevent injury.  It allows these young athletes to train optimally and recover faster.  

If you’re a parent or a coach who wants to help your young athlete(s) understand the value of good nutrition for sports performance we can help:

Coach Talks: 

Coaches want the best for their athletes. Providing consistent nutrition messaging helps the athletes understand the importance of timing and food choices for performance. In these talks we will discuss which foods will help enhance performance, recovery and everyday nutrition and how to communicate this to the athletes.

Sports Nutrition Group Talks

Youth and child sports are getting competitive at a younger age. Fuelling them for success is an important part of their training. Our sports nutrition talks can help them and your family with planning for competition, tournaments and out of town trips.

One-on-One Counseling


We will meet with the athlete and parent(s) to understand what your current schedule and food patterns look like. From this knowledge, together we will find ways to optimize the use of food as fuel for activities and sport.

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