Pregnancy Nutrition –  Whether you are thinking about getting healthier before having a baby, expecting a little one or trying to figure out the new you after having a baby, we are here to help you in this journey! All of these phases require specific nutrient needs for you and your little one which we can help ensure you are getting, through your food (and enjoying it too!).

Infant Nutrition – You want your baby to have the best nutrition and we can help make sure they are getting what they need to nourish their body. Whether it’s weight gain, breastfeeding or formula feeding, introduction to solids or just general nutrition questions, we can help you navigate the first year of your child’s nutrition journey.

Picky Eating – Do you have a child that only eats grilled cheese and pasta? Why won’t they just eat what the rest of the family eats! We have helped many families restore the joy of mealtime in their house. No more power struggles, no more making 3 different meals for the family. The goal is for everyone to have a good relationship with food and start enjoying mealtimes together!

Allergy Consultation – Have you or a family member been diagnosed with a food allergy and you are at a loss of what to feed them? We can help you figure out how to eliminate the allergen from your diet while still maintaining a balanced, good tasting, variety of foods.

Nutrition for active families – Are you running from school to hockey/dance/soccer (insert any other sport here) with hungry children, knowing that fast food isn’t the best option but it’s your only option right now! We can help find snacks and quick meals that work for busy, active families like you!

Dermatology concerns – Acne, psoriasis or eczema getting you down? We can help you incorporate foods into your diet to give your body the best chance in combating these skin conditions.

Weight Management – Are you concerned about your child’s weight? The impact of negative messaging around weight can be significant. We can help you develop a plan to raise your children with a healthy relationship with food.

Fast food boot camp – We get it, sometimes fast food is the answer to our busy days. We can examine menus from your favourite spots and help you choose the healthier options. You may be surprised what you find out in these sessions!

Grocery Store guidance – Ever feel overwhelmed in the yogurt aisle (I do!). We can help you navigate your favourite areas in the grocery store. You will learn how to read labels for the right nutrients, ingredients and have some fun in the process!

Group talks – Do you have a group that would like to learn more about eating healthy with real food? Let Calgary Family Nutrition provide you with tips and tricks about getting back to the basics of healthy eating with your family.

Sports Nutrition Talks: Youth and child sports are getting competitive at a younger age. Fueling them for success is an important part of their training. Our sports nutrition talks can help them and your family with planning for competition, tournaments and out of town trips.

Initial assessments are 60-90 minutes and follow up sessions are 30-45 minutes

Most popular package! $475 One initial assessment and 2 follow up appointments over 3 months

$200 One session to help you start your nutrition tune up journey

$600 One initial assessment and 3 follow up appointments over 4 months

$855 One initial assessment and 5 follow up appointments over 6 months

Registered Dietitians are covered under many health insurance programs! Check your benefits to see how much is covered.