Family Nutrition

How your children eat today has a significant impact on their health throughout their entire lives.  Consuming nutritious real foods helps children develop, do well academically and feel good about themselves. The way children eat influences growth and health during childhood, adolescence and for the rest of their lives.  Teaching children the importance of good nutrition will lay the groundwork for a healthier more fulfilling life.

If you need help with any aspect of your family’s nutrition, here are just some of the services we offer: 

Infant Nutrition – You want your baby to have the best nutrition, and we can help make sure they are getting what they need to nourish their body. Whether it’s weight gain, breastfeeding or formula feeding, introduction to solids or just general nutrition questions, we can help you navigate the first year of your child’s nutrition journey.

Picky Eating – Do you have a child that only eats grilled cheese and pasta? Why won’t they just eat what the rest of the family eats! We have helped many families restore the joy of mealtime in their house. No more power struggles, no more making 3 different meals for the family. The goal is for everyone to have a good relationship with food and start enjoying mealtimes together!

Allergy Consultation – Have you or a family member been diagnosed with a food allergy, and you are at a loss of what to feed them? We can help you figure out how to eliminate the allergen from your diet while still maintaining a balanced, good tasting, variety of foods.

Nutrition for active families – Are you running from school to hockey/dance/soccer (insert any other sport here) with hungry children, knowing that fast food isn’t the best option, but it’s your only option right now! We can help find snacks and quick meals that work for busy, active families like you!

Weight Management – Are you concerned about your child’s weight? The impact of negative messaging around weight can be significant. We can help you develop a plan to raise your children with a healthy relationship with food.

Fast food boot camp – We get it; sometimes fast food is the answer to our busy days. We can examine menus from your favourite spots and help you choose the healthier options. You may be surprised by what you find out in these sessions!

Helping families nourish their bodies with real food.

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