We are passionate about helping families achieve their nutrition goals.  We know what a child eats affects their brain, body, and ability to cope with stress.  We want to help families form healthy habits early and give them the headstart they deserve.

 The Calgary Family Nutrition team have all been trained and have practiced in tertiary care Children’s Hospital’s across North America so you can feel assured you are getting excellent care from any of our fabulous Registered Dietitians.


Connector, Mom and Nutrition Cheerleader

Melissa is the founder of Calgary Family Nutrition and a Registered Dietitian with over 18 years of experience in teaching families and healthcare professionals about nutrition.  During this time, Melissa completed her MBA at the Ivey School of business. 

Melissa was drawn to her work in pediatric nutrition after struggling with her own nutrition as a child and understanding early on how the food we eat impacts our health.

Melissa has worked in hospitals, community and public health settings in New York and Alberta. Her passion is helping families create a healthy relationship with food and teaching them how to bring a variety of foods into their home for nourishment and enjoyment. She understands how hard this is as she is a mom of two active boys that keep her at the rink in the winter and the baseball diamonds in the spring and summer. She is also married to a pastry chef who loves to get the kids in the kitchen trying new recipes.

When Melissa isn’t creating things in the kitchen or helping families, you can find her in the mountains, running or enjoying time with friends and family with good food and wine!


 Nutrition nerd, distance runner, and community connector in Calgary, Alberta.

After obtaining her education degree and teaching children from preschool to age 18, Hayley realized there was a gap in educating children, youth and families about nutrition, both as a form of health prevention and holistic health. This persuaded Hayley to pursue a nutrition career that has been largely shaped around research, pediatric nutrition, fueling athletes and health prevention.

Hayley grew up in a very active home where she primarily played competitive soccer, dabbled in running, and danced as a form of expressing creativity and cross-training. Hayley continued with these activities into her adult life playing soccer at Minnesota State University Moorhead and becoming a Zumba and spin instructor.

Hayley is now a long-distance runner who largely values being part of the Calgary run community as a pace crew leader for YYCRunCrew and a Saucony Run Ambassador. You can also check out her #blogandrun posts on social media, a hashtag she started to encourage and inspire people to get out and run. Hayley attained a large goal in February 2018: qualifying for the Boston Marathon in her first ever marathon, and had an incredible experience running this world major race in April 2019. Given her strong background in sport, Hayley has channeled her knowledge and passion into working with athletes by optimizing their performance through nutrition and goal coaching.

Although Hayley has a diverse background and many passions, her areas of expertise as a Registered Dietitian include sports nutrition, celiac disease, allergies, positive management of weight, feeding and growth concerns, autism, picky eating, and youth education in schools.

When Hayley spends time helping families, teams, and individuals achieve their goals, she shares in their trials and triumphs and is always excited to support in any way she can.

Meet Caitlin

(Currently on Maternity Leave)

Feeding guru, soprano, mother. Friends describe Caitlin as compassionate, empathetic, knowledgeable and lover of all things food.


Why did you become a dietitian? I have always had an interest in food and its ability to care for people, but it wasn’t until I had almost completed a psychology degree that I found a career that could combine all my passions – food, science and people. Luckily eating is very intertwined with emotions and I use my psychology background to help clients achieve their goals everyday.

Who do you love to help? Children and families

What makes you the happiest when seeing clients? I feel very privileged to help children and families sort through difficult situations.  I am happiest when clients let me into their lives, allow me to share my knowledge and trust me to be partners in their food and nutrition journey.

What are your passions outside of being a dietitian? Outside of my career, I can be found singing in community choirs or hiking in the mountains. I enjoy being creative in the kitchen, especially with my young daughter who shares my love of food.


Caitlin began her career at Health Sciences Center Winnipeg after completing both her internship and degree at the University of Manitoba, she then moved to Alberta to continue her career in pediatric nutrition. Caitlin is an expert in developmental feeding behaviours and enjoys helping children in the following areas: respirology, GI, metabolics, weight management, neurology (ketogenic diet), and renal health.

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