Written by Jolene Hrynyk, a volunteer at Calgary Family Nutrition. For more information, you can see her bio here

Kids can’t ask for seconds when they are in the lunchroom so it’s important to provide adequate food. On the flipside, you shouldn’t be upset if they don’t eat all the food you provide. Kid’s appetites vary meal to meal and over the course of the week. Respecting how much your child chooses to eat is the best thing you can do for their future relationship with food. Here at Calgary Family Nutrition we strongly support the Division of Responsibility (DOR) model by Ellyn Satter. In this instance, you (the parent) are responsible for what food is offered and your child gets to decide how much to eat or if they eat at all. Letting your child follow their natural hunger cues and decide how much is just as important as what you choose to pack when it comes to their future health.

One more lunch idea following the principles discussed earlier in the week:

  1. Main including a carbohydrate, protein and fat
  2. Fruit
  3. Vegetable

Waffles, peppers and strawberries


Main: Waffle made with Kodiak mix which is high in protein.

Fruit: Strawberries

Vegetable: Mixed Peppers

Syrup to dip waffles and strawberries in!


I hope you have enjoyed this week’s tips and samples of lunches. Contact us here for more tips and guidance on nourishing your family with real food.