Written by Jolene Hrynyk, a volunteer at Calgary Family Nutrition. For more information, you can see her bio here

The day I made one too many complaints about my sandwiches was the day my mom made me start packing my own lunch. Don’t let it get that far with your kids. Involve them as early as possible whether that’s asking them what kind of fruit they would like in their lunches when you are planning or getting them to pack it themselves with some supervision. They can help you pack it at a much younger age than you might think and may be interested in the activity as it relates to them specifically unlike setting the table.

Here is another example of a lunch following the principles I wrote about earlier in the week:

  1. Main
  2. Fruit
  3. Vegetable



Main: Quinoa for carbohydrate with some edamame and hummus for protein, and dressing for fat

Fruit: Sliced apples sprinkled in lemon to prevent browning

Vegetable: Bell peppers and cherry tomatoes in the salad


Do any of you remember when you started packing your lunch?