We are all starting out at one point. My passion is helping people to live their best life in health which in my mind includes career development and mentoring.

Becoming a Registered Dietitian is hard work, you need a four year degree at an accredited University,  a one-year internship (which is very competitive to get into and is usually unpaid) and then a board exam to credential you as a Registered Dietitian (RD).

I am so happy to help future Registered Dietitians in their journey and grateful to have volunteers working with me to bring you information about relevant nutrition topics. In the next few months, I will be featuring some of the work they have created under my guidance. I think you will agree that they are on their way to a successful career in nutrition!

Here is an introduction to my 2018 volunteers:

Hello! My name is Jolene Hrynyk and I am a Fourth year Nutrition student at the University of Alberta, on my way to become a Registered Dietitian. My passion is making a healthy lifestyle attainable and easy for everyone, and I believe the joy of food should outweigh the stress. My interest areas are pediatric and family nutrition, as well as autoimmune conditions such as crohn’s and rheumatoid arthritis. Most weeknights find me playing an evil mastermind in the kitchen and a good weekend for me is sharing food and wine with friends and family. I look forward to sharing what I know and learning lots along the way!

Head shot LarissaHello! My name is Larissa Stanley and I am a Dietetic Intern at the University of Alberta. After I complete my internship in July 2019, I will be able to officially call myself a Registered Dietitian! I hope to pursue a career in Public Health where I will be able to promote healthy lifestyles and eating. My spare time involves me using my family and friends as guinea pigs for all the food I experiment making in the kitchen! Otherwise, I can be found on the Glenmore Reservoir paddling on my dragon boat team, during the few months of summer Calgary gives us, or doing Crossfit at the gym. I am excited to share my knowledge with you all!

RubyHello! My name is Ruby Yang and I aspire to be a Registered Dietitian one day! I am currently working to complete my dietetic internship through the University of Alberta. Through my learnings and experiences, I hope to use my knowledge in nutrition to help transform the wellbeing of others while also advocating for strategies that will ensure food security for all. I believe that food can be the solution to many health problems and I wish to empower others to take control over their health through nutrition.  In my spare time you will probably find me exploring what nature has to offer, but on rainy days, I’ll be embracing my love for coffee with some good company.