4941C96B-D4CF-4939-9448-79CB074483C4September is always a crazy month with hockey evaluations for two boys and school starting. I know we won’t have time to cook real food meals with everything going on. I talked to my dietitian friends about prepping for this busy time and we decided to do a batch cook. I used the website www.onceamonthmeals.com to get the recipes, grocery lists, prep list and day of instructions. The day was a success! We made 128 meals for 4 families so we each have 32 meals ready to go in our freezer. The cost breakdown came to $8.00 per meal! I couldn’t believe it as we have beef, pork and chicken meals.

You don’t have to do as many meals at a time as the whole process was two and a half days. You can pick five of your favourite meals and spend a weekend day making them up for the week. This will ensure your family gets home cooked meals instead of take out.

Other ideas for batch cooking are:

  1. Make a large batch of meatballs in a veggie sauce and freeze.
  2. Make a few lasagna’s with ground turkey. Blend spinach with the ricotta cheese to get your veggies in!
  3. BBQ some chicken breasts and slice them up before freezing. They can be used for salads, wraps, tacos or just on their own with a side dish of potatoes and veggies.

Let me know below what things you do to make dinner meals easier in September! If you need help with menu planning you can contact us and book an appointment. Our Registered Dietitians have over fifteen years experience helping families deal with hectic lives and getting real food on the table.