I have been wanting to volunteer in a meaningful way for a long time. With young children and going back to school I could never justify the time away from my family. This year I finally put it as an annual goal and I am so excited to announce that I am a guest blogger at I Can for Kids www.icanforkids.ca. This organization aligns with my passion for nourishing children and families in our community. They are on a mission to end summer childhood hunger by providing meals and snacks to the many families that face food insecurity in Calgary.

I will be doing a Nutrition Nuggets series where I will provide tips for nourishing our bodies and the importance of getting certain nutrients in our diet. To check out my first blog on iron deficiency you can view it here:  https://www.icanforkids.ca/category/nutrition-nuggets/

I feel so much joy that I am contributing in a small way to this incredible organization and cause. The people behind this are truly incredible. Thank you Bobbi for allowing me to be a part of this.

If you would like to help end summer childhood hunger you can visit their page and make a donation. www.icanforkids.ca